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Why does Magic Become Reality?

Recently, I realised everything I do can be used to give some form of entertainment to another. Whether that is Magic, Music, Cooking, Bartending, Photography, Videography, Design, and so much more, my end goal is always to make a certain person happy. Some might say that I'm too selfless, but I firmly believe that happiness comes from the people around you, not just from yourself.




I started magic when I was 12 years old. After becoming a professional magician in Korea, I've come to write a book and also direct and release a DVD.


People say that music is the only legal drug, and I totally agree with that. Serving as a director of a band at Emory, I love to play the guitar and make music.


Finding inner peace as I cook myself or my friends a meal at my place happens to give me a sense of pride like nothing else. 


My most recent hobby is bartending. Although I don't like to drink that much myself, the pleasure of fixing somebody a drink is too great to ignore.

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